Key to Mijas Costa #94

At last it looks like the warmer weather is here and hopefully this, coupled with a late Easter, will bring the visitors flocking back to Mijas Costa and make you gloomy lot a bit happier! Nevertheless, from the Namaste Holistic Centre in Cabopino to the Nutty Bar in Marbella, we still have lots for you to read in this issue!

Starting with the Namaste Holistic Centre, local practitioners now have a great venue to receive clients and we, the general public, can also benefit from very reasonably priced courses and classes too! For more information, please see page 11.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous the residents of the Costa are, even in times of crisis, when it comes to organising charity events for those less fortunate. We have many charitable events throughout the magazine – for Cudeca at La Casa (page 12), for Jake Rose on page 15, Positively Pink on page 27, and the ever-popular Butterfly Ball on page 29. There are also several others listed in Key Events on page 34.

Football mania will hit us all before you know it with the World Cup starting in June. We include the second half of the World Cup report of yesteryear together with a timetable of the first fixtures on pages 32 and 33 as they fall within this issue of the magazine.

As always, Mijas Costa’s favourite restaurant guide brings you all the best venues. You can find these on pages 56-70.

And finally, from the Entertainment Section, we had a great time at the soft launch of the House of Fun in the Sun, The Nutty Bar, 2nd line Marbella Port. You can see some of the action on page 75.

See you all again in the summer!