Key to Mijas Costa #116

Whilst it has been a bit blustery at times, back in the UK they have been experiencing all kinds of inclement weather whereas we here enjoy so many sunny days in the winter that remind us of why we chose to move to Mijas Costa.

I hope you enjoy the last issue of 2017 which as always, includes many diverse things for you to read during the festive season.

Not everyone enjoys the long holiday period. If you are going through a hard time, I hope you will find some comfort and help from the very interesting article on pages 14-15 provided by Medicare on the subject of depression.

On page 18 you will find what is in store astrologically speaking for 2018 with some insights from Janet Powell, who will be holding courses at the end of January.

If you have some time to spare over the holiday period, Genavieve Dupoix, who often provides us with information about Insatiable Gravy, gives us some advice on her hobby – Crochet. You will find some information on how to make a Crochet Rag Rug on page 23.

If you have chosen to make Mijas Costa your home and would like some influence on how things are run, Mijas Matters have provided us with information on how you can vote in the next local elections which will be held in May 2019. You will need to be registered by November 2018. Details are on page 63.

If you have still not decided where to enjoy Christmas & New Year, there are some suggestions in our Restaurant Guide which is this issue starts on page 40.

All that remains if for me to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2018. See you again in February.

Key Puzzles

If you would like to see the solutions to our Mijas Costa Puzzles from issue 116, click here.