Key to Mijas Costa #113

Welcome to the June issue of Key to Mijas Costa. No competition winner this time around, so keep sending in your photos. Next issue is in August, so we would like some bright photos of summer fun if you would like to share them with our readers.

Someone has turned up the heat switch so summer has now well and truly arrived. Lots for you to enjoy in the summer issue of Key to Mijas Costa including a “taster” of a book written recently by one of the locals, Jan Constable, about her adventures in the Middle East called “The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls” which you will find on page 20.

As usual for this time of year, there are plenty of diverse events that will take place in the coming weeks from Art Exhibitions to live music to the La Cala Feria which you will find on page 24. Updates can always be found on the Key to Mijas Costa Facebook page.

Keeping your dog healthy in summer is always a challenge. Joanna Fleur Oxley gives some expert advice on page 26.

In view of the huge hacking scandals that have rocked the globe recently, Computer City advises on the best ways to protect your home computer. More information on page 31.

As always, our Restaurant Guide in this issue is from pages 4159. You will find updates on all your favourites including what they have on offer for the summer season plus a good selection of new restaurants for you to try.

Enjoy the summer and see you next time!